BODEX Expands Anesthesia and Sedation Committee

BODEX is opening up its Section 1301, 1302, 1303, and 1304 regulations and has solicited input from the dental community. Committee will be expanded.

E-Prescribing Deadline Looms. Do not ignore this.

Many of you are unprepared for e-prescribing legislation that kicks in on Jan 1, 2020. Get up to speed with this update / article.

ADA New Find-a-Dentist

AzDA House of Delegates Convenes

Delegates debate and vote on four resolutions at September meeting. Find out what was discussed and voted on.

You now have MORE exclusive discount options in ordering dental supplies

To give you even more options on getting dental supplies at an exclusive discount, learn about AzDA`s new arrangement with The Dentist Supply Supply Company—

ADF Donate

SADS members, why haven`t you registered for your upcoming meeting?

Your annual meeting at Hacienda del Sol is right around the corner (Thurs, Nov 7). A number of you who normally attend haven`t registered. Take care of that today.

Your membership card is going digital

You can now access your ADA member card anytime, from anywhere online. Please note that you will not receive a physical/printed membership card in the mail.

AzDA Health Insurance

Place your AzDA membership on cruise control with auto-renew

Starting in 2020, AzDA will offer an auto-renewal service that provides a safe and convenient way to maintain your membership.

Five over 50. AzDA established dentists, please share your insights

AzDA member dentists with 50 years or more of AzDA/ADA membership, we want to hear from you—

AzDA Fall Conference

Not sure what to do with the precious metals you collect?

Your gift of precious metals support charitable dentistry. ADF now offers donation receipts you can share when you receive contributions from patients.


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Special Olympics Special Smiles Yuma

Thursday - Monday  •  6 CEUs




CPR Certification / Recertification

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Tax Credit

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Give Kids A Smile CE Test

Tuesday  •  1 CEUs




"You`re not hearing me." What your Dentist and your patients really want (but aren`t telling you)

Friday  •  3 CEUs




All Together Now: The Oral Systemic Connection

Thursday  •  3 CEUs




Special Olympics Special Smiles Yuma

Wednesday  •  6 CEUs




Western Regional Dental Experience

Tuesday  •  18 CEUs


Combating Caries with Silver Diamine Fluoride (Part 1)

3 CEUs


Combating Caries with Silver Diamine Fluoride (Part 2)

3 CEUs


HPV and Oral Cancer

1 CEUs
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