Governor signs electronic Rx Extension

Last year, legislation imposing a mandate for electronic prescribing posed significant challenges for many in the health care professions. Over 40,000 waivers were issued by the State Board of Pharmacy before the year-end deadline. Many prescribers missed the deadline to obtain waivers and have been precluded from writing a prescription for a Schedule II controlled substance if they did not have the availability of electronic prescribing software.

In recognition that the early deadline and waiver process was not feasible in such a short time frame, emergency legislation (HB2075) was passed—imposing a hard deadline of January 1, 2020 for all prescribers statewide. NO WAIVERS from this requirement will be available.

The legislation does give the Board of Pharmacy authority to establish a task force that may recommend for rules describing exceptions to the electronic prescribing requirements.

The task force is also charged with identifying various outreach and support services that can be implemented to advance the adoption of electronic prescribing by the medical community.

Here is the link to HB2075:

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